Herat’s Hidden Plague: Depression and Low Self-Esteem Plague 65.3% and 86.3% of School Students

Adolescence is a critical period of development that profoundly impacts an individual’s lifelong well-being. In a study conducted by the Afghanistan Center for Epidemiological Studies, the association between depression, self-esteem, and sociodemographic factors was examined among school-going adolescents living under Taliban rule. The findings were startling, with two-thirds of adolescents reporting depression symptoms and an overwhelming 86.3% experiencing poor self-esteem. Notably, the study highlighted the significant influence of a mother’s education level on depression symptoms and low-income economic status on self-esteem. These findings underscore the urgent need for healthcare authorities and school administrators to raise awareness and implement strategies to support the mental health of these vulnerable adolescents.

Link to the Article: Depression and self-esteem among Afghan school-going adolescents under the Taliban Government: a cross-sectional study

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