At the Afghanistan Center for Epidemiological Studies (ACES), we are proud to offer a diverse range of programs aimed at improving public health and addressing critical healthcare challenges in Afghanistan. These programs include:

The #AYAT_25 Program: Through comprehensive training workshops and mentorship, we aim to empower medical professionals with the tools and techniques necessary to design and execute high-quality research projects. Additionally, the #AYAT_25 program provides ongoing support and guidance to participants, ensuring that they receive the necessary resources and mentorship to successfully complete their research endeavors. By fostering a culture of research excellence, our goal is to enhance the research capacity of medical trainees and trainer specialists, ultimately contributing to the improvement of healthcare practices and outcomes in Herat and beyond.

Research Camp for Afghanistan: Research Camp for Afghanistan is an exceptional program offered by the Afghanistan Center for Epidemiological Studies (ACES) that seeks to foster a culture of research excellence and capacity building among medical students in Afghanistan. Our program is designed to provide comprehensive training on research methodologies, equipping participants with the necessary skills and knowledge to undertake high-quality research projects. Through workshops, seminars, and hands-on training sessions, we empower aspiring researchers with the tools to conduct impactful studies that contribute to the advancement of medical knowledge in Afghanistan.

National Health ID – Design and Development: ACES is actively involved in the design and development of the National Health ID system in Afghanistan. This program aims to establish a unified and comprehensive health identification system that can streamline healthcare delivery, ensure efficient management of patient records, and facilitate better coordination among healthcare providers. The National Health ID system holds the potential to improve healthcare access, quality, and patient safety (currently, the field test of this program is being completed).

The Fallen Memories: The Fallen Memories program is a heartfelt initiative that focuses on educating and supporting patients with Alzheimer disease and their families families. We strive to provide emotional support and create a supportive network for them. Our aim is to study, educate and support Alzheimer patients in Afghanistan.

The #Rebuilding_Smile Program: The #Rebuilding_Smile program focuses on raising awareness about mental health issues in Afghanistan, particularly among the school-going students. Through targeted campaigns and educational initiatives, we aim to reduce the stigma associated with mental health and provide support and resources for those in need. Our goal is to promote mental well-being and create a more inclusive and compassionate society.

The ENRICHMENT Program: The ENRICHMENT Program, initiated by the Afghanistan Center for Epidemiological Studies, is a pioneering effort designed to culturally adopt questionnaires and scales within the realm of public health. This innovative program seeks to bridge the gap between standardized assessment tools and the diverse cultural context of Afghanistan, ultimately enhancing the accuracy and effectiveness of epidemiological studies in the region. By tailoring questionnaires and scales to align with the local beliefs, customs, and languages, the ENRICHMENT Program not only ensures greater accessibility but also promotes higher levels of trust and cooperation among participants. Through this initiative, the Afghanistan Center for Epidemiological Studies aims to bolster public health research and interventions, paving the way for more targeted and culturally sensitive approaches to improving the well-being of Afghan communities.

These programs at ACES are designed to make a positive impact on public health and address the specific needs and challenges faced by the Afghan population. Through innovation, collaboration, and a commitment to evidence-based approaches, we strive to create a healthier future for all Afghans.