Below is a list of some of the articles by the Afghanistan Center for Epidemiological Studies (ACES) that delve into various aspects of health and disease in Afghanistan and worldwide. Our team of researchers and experts has worked diligently to produce evidence-based studies and analyses aimed at advancing public health and promoting better healthcare practices. These articles cover a wide range of topics. By exploring these articles, readers can gain valuable insights into the epidemiological landscape of Afghanistan and stay informed about the latest research findings and advancements in the field of public health.

  1. Validity and reliability of the Dari version of the CES-D scale among the general population of Herat, Afghanistan: A methodological study
  2. Depression, anxiety and quality of life of Afghan women living in urban areas under the Taliban government: a cross-sectional study
  3. Physical and mental aspects of quality of life among Afghan school-going adolescents
  4. Girls’ education and the future of healthcare in Afghanistan
  5. Prevalence and predictors of depression among women in Afghanistan: a cross-sectional study
  6. Artificial womb: opportunities and challenges for public health
  7. Knowledge, attitude and practice of antenatal exercise (ANEx) among married women in Afghanistan: A cross-sectional study
  8. The impact of the 2023 earthquakes on the Afghan health-care system
  9. The Rising Tide of Tick-borne Encephalitis across European Nations
  10. Sociodemographic factors associated with knowledge and practice on cervical cancer among female residents of Herat, Afghanistan: A cross-sectional study
  11. The outbreak of shigellosis in Sweden as a looming concern for public health
  12. Depression and quality of life among Afghan healthcare workers: A cross-sectional survey study
  13. ChatGPT: Roles and boundaries of the new artificial intelligence tool in medical education and health research
  14. Hypertension among adult population of Herat city of Afghanistan: A cross-sectional study
  15. Plague outbreak in Madagascar amidst COVID-19: A re-emerging concern of public health
  16. The raising threat of CCHF in Afghanistan: Healthcare dilemmas and the need for comprehensive reponses
  17. The physical and mental aspects of quality of life among patients with eye diseases: A cross-sectional survey study in Afghanistan
  18. Healthcare Crisis and CCHF: A Double Burden for Afghans under Taliban Rule
  19. Prevalence and associated factors of postpartum depression among Afghan women: A phase-wise cross-sectional study in Rezaie maternal hospital in Herat province
  20. Depression, Anxiety, and Quality of Life of Afghan Women Under the Taliban Government (Conference)
  21. Night-shift work and sleep quality: a cross-sectional survey study among Afghan healthcare workers
  22. Reliability and validity of the Dari version of the World Health Organization quality of life (WHOQOL-BREF) questionnaire in Afghanistan
  23. Depression and self-esteem among Afghan school-going adolescents under the Taliban Government: a cross-sectional study
  24. IUD-Related knowledge and practice among women in Afghanistan: A cross-sectional survey study
  25. Survey on Community Awareness and Risk Perception on COVID-19 in Herat
  26. Girls’ Education Ban as a Threatening Factor to Public Health
  27. Exploration of acute coronary syndrome among patients in the internal ward of Herat Regional Hospital, Afghanistan
  28. Bearing the marks: understanding how domestic violence affects oral health
  29. Knowledge and Practices of Menstruation and Menstrual Hygiene Among School girls in Herat, Afghanistan
  30. Quality of Life among Hospitalized Patients at Herat Maternity Hospital – Afghanistan
  31. Nipah Virus Encephalitis: Neurological Consequences of a Zoonotic Disease
  32. Quality of life of inpatients in the mental health ward of Herat Regional Hospital: a cross-sectional study
  33. Mental health literacy among Afghan adults: A community-based cross-sectional survey study in Herat city
  34. Knowledge, and practice of women on breast cancer in Herat, Afghanistan: A cross-sectional study
  35. Sociodemographic factors associated with knowledge of common eye diseases: a cross-sectional study in Afghanistan