Exploring Antenatal Exercise Among Women in Afghanistan

In Afghanistan, where the importance of antenatal physical activity (ANEx) is crucial for maternal well-being, a community-based cross-sectional study in Herat province sheds light on the knowledge, attitudes, and practices among 316 married women aged 16-60. Strikingly, less than a third had heard of antenatal exercises, revealing a significant awareness gap. The majority exhibited poor knowledge (72%) and attitudes (90%), with a mere 4% practicing ANEx. Education, urban residence, and higher income emerged as vital predictors for better ANEx knowledge, while a greater number of children and higher education influenced actual practice. In a context of political instability and limited healthcare facilities, addressing the pervasive lack of knowledge, attitudes, and practices surrounding ANEx requires urgent attention, emphasizing the potential role of community workers in bridging this crucial gap.

Read the fulltext article in The RIMJ

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